Florida labor, employment, and wage attorney Scott Behren practices in state and Federal Courts throughout the state of Florida. His practice centers on commercial litigation and employment law. Scott Behren has also been AV rated by the prestigious Martindale Hubbell law directory. Behren Law Firm is here to help people statewide who have been denied overtime wrongfully or have other wage claims against their employer. We know that our clients work hard, and they deserve to be compensated for the time and effort that they put in. At Behren Law Firm, we put in the time and effort to assist you in retrieving unpaid wages and related costs as fully and as quickly as possible. We focus on all labor and employment matters with specific experience in overtime and wage situations. 


Federal law stipulates that employers need to pay their employees time and a half for all hours worked over 40 hours a week, unless you fall within an exemption that has been legally established. Workers may be told or assume that they are exempt from overtime, but often such employees are unfortunately misclassified and are being denied overtime pay unfairly that belongs to them. If you think that your employer has violated federal law, then you may be entitled to past unpaid overtime plus interest, along with an additional amount that is equal to the unpaid overtime. You may even have your attorney fees and costs covered by your employer. Let our experienced notary public professionals help you.


Florida Overtime & Unpaid Wage Law


You may be wondering- why do I need a private attorney to get my unpaid wages and/or unpaid overtime? Why shouldn’t I just use the Department of Labor (DOL)? The DOL is a government agency staffed with many capable people, but they are often overworked and understaffed (like many government agencies) and sometimes don’t have the manpower to adequately protect all of the employees in the state. Moreover, the DOL has no direct financial motive to help you collect your unpaid wages and/or overtime in a timely manner, whereas we as your attorneys do. Federal and Florida unpaid wage laws allow private attorneys to recover attorney fees from the employer if the employee had to hire an attorney to recover unpaid wages- this means that you may not have to pay our fees, your employer will! Sometimes in such claims attorney’s fees may be greater than the unpaid wage claim itself, which gives the employer a much larger incentive to resolve an overtime or unpaid wage claim with a private attorney than with the Department of Labor. When you work with Behren Law Firm, you will receive the personal attention that your unpaid wage claim deserves. Moreover, we file the majority of our claims in the United States Federal District Court, which can vastly improve the efficiency and speed of the recovery process. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover lost wages for you, and our fees come out of the recovery itself. Our contingency agreement will provide us an incentive to get you everything you’re entitled to, which may include liquidated damages, interest, and costs.


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