Whether your company is large or small, hiring employment attorneys benefits both you and your employees. Labor laws are increasingly complicated and ever-changing, leading to confusion on your end in which policies and procedures to follow. The last thing you want on your hands is a lawsuit or other case related to negligence as a company providing for your employees. Behren Law Firm in Weston, Florida, can help you navigate what your business needs to flourish and grow properly, all while protecting yourself and your employees for years to come. 

What Is An Employment Attorney?

Employment lawyers offer a wide array of services for both the employees and you as the employer. Labor law is already a set of rules and regulations in terms of the employee and employer relationship, but this oftentimes can become complicated when dealing with real-life situations that aren’t as cut and dry. Employment attorneys can help employees who have questions about their job description and what their rights actually entail and protect. These attorneys will explain all applicable laws applying to their situation, as well as any litigation, mediation, or negotiations that may transpire. They can help the employee better understand what the pros and cons are of the situation, and offer their advice on the best course of action moving forward. If the work situation has progressed to a lawsuit, an employment attorney will defend the employee who may be a victim of lost wages, denied benefits, workers compensation or wrongful termination.   

The Benefits For The Employer

The employment lawyer ends up protecting both parties when there are issues. The attorney may also represent the employer if the employee violated confidentiality agreements or other nefarious actions. The attorney will also ensure you, as the employer, are staying compliant with all the various state, federal and local laws associated with your business. The federal and state anti-discrimination laws can seem complex, but they will be able to break it all down for you and understand what applies and doesn’t to your current work environment, and how to improve if needed. You may need their help in drafting policies and helping to keep your managers and other higher-level staff aware of such policies and procedures. You will need to ensure everyone on your staff is not discriminating based on age, sex, race, religion, national origin or disability while on the job, and an employment attorney can help you navigate the ways in which to accomplish this task and what to do if you fear there may have been any form of discrimination happening on the premises. Depending on your business, an employment lawyer can also assist in making sure you’re complying with all OSHA requirements and guidelines, as well as environmental regulations.     

Invaluable For Your Business

Whether you employ five or fifty people for your business, having an employment attorney by your side will be an invaluable tool to grow your company and your employees’ wellbeing. Setting yourself up for success means having the right legal aids to help you prepare for whatever comes next, and an employment attorney does just that, and then some.

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