Commercial Litigation

Real Estate Litigation
Law Firm handles a wide variety of real estate litigation matters including real estate commission disputes, real estate deposit disputes, partition actions and foreclosure defense.  Law Firm handles real estate litigation matters based upon contracts and equitable claims such as resulting trust or constructive trust.  Law Firm has even been hired by Broward County, Florida to act as its outside real estate litigation counsel.

Contractor Disputes and Construction Lien Litigation
Law Firm represents contractors, subcontractors and property owners with claims arising out of construction contracts or construction liens.

Execution of Judgments Including Sheriffs Attachments, Wage Garnishments and Bank Account Garnishments
Law firm is familiar with all means of executing upon Final Judgments including garnishment of bank accounts and wages.

Contract Disputes
Law Firm handles review of contracts and litigation arising out of all types of business and personal contracts.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Law Firm represents property owners and tenants in claims arising under lease agreements and the Florida landlord/tenant statutes for both residential and commercial leases.


Law Firm has represented parties in arbitrations and has litigated the vacation and confirmation of arbitration awards in state court.

Franchise Litigation
Law Firm has represented both franchisees and franchisors in litigation arising under franchise agreements as well as state and federal law.

Lemon Law and Motor Vehicle Warranty Disputes
Law Firm has represented consumers with vehicle warranty and lemon law claims against automobile manufacturers under the Federal Magnuson Moss Act as well as Florida Lemon Laws.

Transportation and International Litigation
Law Firm has represented businesses involved in the shipping of goods by air, sea and truck.  Law Firm has litigated issues including those arising under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA) and the Carmack Amendment.  Law Firm has represented the interests of parties from out of the country seeking to dismiss claims against them for lack of personal jurisdiction.

Litigation of Business Breakups or Business Divorces
Law Firm has handled litigation amongst shareholders of corporations including dissolution actions and shareholder derivative actions.

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