The first day at your job is usually abuzz with excitement: new people to meet, novel routines to learn, and a workspace with which to familiarize yourself. The last thing on your mind is an employment law attorney – why would you ever need one? Although you like your new job now, that satisfaction can change later if your employer begins treating you unfairly, discriminating against you, or denying you unemployment payment. Before these crises occur, get acquainted with an employment law attorney you can trust, such as the professionals at Behren Law Firm in Weston, FL. 


Instances of Employer Discrimination


Just because you were hired by your new company does not mean you won’t experience discrimination while on the job. Discriminatory behavior can extend beyond the hiring decisions, affecting your pay rates and raises, your job responsibilities, your eligibility for benefits and time off, and even the way you are respected at work. If your employer treats you differently in these areas because of your race, sex, age, religion, or marital status, they are discriminating against you. Fortunately, every state has strict laws prohibiting workplace discrimination. You do not need to tolerate racist slurs or gender-based pay gaps, and you do not have to apologize for religious or marital obligations. As an employee, you deserve equal treatment from your employer; an employment law attorney can represent you to ensure you receive the equitable treatment you deserve. 


Sexual Harassment At Work


Many people meet their future spouses or romantic partners at work – office romance is not all bad. However, employees should not tolerate sexual interest when it is unwelcome. If a co-worker makes sexual comments, gestures, or jokes towards you in a way that is unwelcome and intimidating, you might be a victim of sexual harassment. Get the respect you deserve at the workplace; if your co-worker won’t take “no” for an answer and persists in the harassing behavior, seek legal action. Keep in mind that sexual harassment can take many forms and can come from anywhere, including from your boss. Be wary of “quid pro quo” harassment, in which your supervisor demands a sexual favor in exchange for a pay raise or other work benefit. Don’t let your supervisor intimidate you; consult an employment law attorney, and file a complaint against the perpetrator.


Denied Unemployment Compensation


Although your employer cannot fire you in retaliation for your harassment or discrimination complaints, there are innumerable possibilities for becoming unemployed out of no fault of your own. Your company could downsize and decide to cut you, or the economic recession could run its course and cause layoffs. Whatever the reason, your recent employer must cooperate with the state government and approve your unemployment compensation. If they do not cooperate, seek representation from an employment law attorney, who will help you secure just compensation.


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The workplace is its own microcosm of laws and liberties, and you may feel unequipped to navigate it during instances of discrimination. Leave it to professionals! Contact Behren Law Firm in Weston, FL, and allow us to guide you to equitable treatment.