The journey to owning a franchise is not an easy one. It involves moving from one place to another, seeking and speaking with several franchisees. You also have to ask questions to help you gather more information. Your goal is to make the right decision at all costs. 

Behren Law Firm can help your franchise. We are the expert hand that helps you handle and translate the numerous laws you need to understand. This will help your task of protecting your franchise legally and ensuring things go the right way. Our franchise attorneys are the best in Weston, FL, and we are ready to delight you with quality service. Let’s explore the top reasons why you need a franchise attorney.

Experts at handling essential matters

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is an essential requirement by law for all prospective franchise owners to receive before purchasing their desired franchise. 

This document delivers on its pages, all information provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This information covers essential information about the franchisor. It contains restrictions and obligations of a franchisee and possible penalties if they are flaunted. 

Expert franchise attorneys know what they should pay attention to in the FDD and other franchise contracts. This is because most have once worked on documents like the FDD before. Having up-to-date knowledge also ensures that they have the right information at all times, 

Quality advice for choosing the right business entity

While not all can provide this service, expert attorneys can provide you with valuable suggestions on setting up your franchise business. Franchise owners are torn between opinion regarding choosing between a Limited Liability Company (LLC) C-Corporation, or a Subchapter S corporation. Only when you make the right decision about the business entity can your franchise record success. This also influences other aspects like your legal rights and liabilities and issues relating to tax payment. 

Paddling the affairs of your setup

While your goal of entering the franchise business is to succeed, failure is high if you do not paddle the business the right way. Several factors might lead to your business closing down, setting up in the wrong location, failure to meet your financial target, choosing the wrong franchise, or other factors that might lead to failure. 

While it can be hard to digest all the Franchise Disclosure Document’s information, a franchise attorney can help immensely. Since they are trained on the essentials required to buy a franchise, they can help you make the right decision and understand every detail presented in the FDD.

Lastly, Franchise development directors are against franchise attorneys. While the franchise development directors will tell you that you don’t need a franchise attorney, you should ignore such advice. 

The franchise development director is only interested in seeing your sign the agreement and not understanding what you are signing. They might make a detailed document look too watery to pay attention to, which will lead to problems in the long run. 

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