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Broward County Florida Adopts Wage Theft Ordinance

Finally, in Miami-Dade and Broward County, wage theft has been deemed to be illegal.  Imagine that?  Now when an employee does work for an employer, they actually have to be paid for it.  In all seriousness though, there are Florida … Continue reading

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Same Sex Sexual Harassment Suits on Rise-Especially at Car Dealerships

Not too long after we filed our same sex harassment suit against Rick Case Fiat in Weston, Florida, we have come across other cases around the country where employees have brought same sex sexual harassment cases against co-workers and supervisors. … Continue reading

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American Apparel Settles EEOC Disability Suit for $60,000

American Apparel, Inc., a clothing manufacturer employing thousands of workers at its production facility in Los Angeles and at retail stores around the country, will pay $60,000 and furnish other relief to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). … Continue reading

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Nichiha USA Ordered by Department of Labor to Pay for FMLA Violations

The Family Medical Leave Act provides that an employee can’t lose their job, for at least 12 weeks, if they need to take care of serious medical conditions of family members.  An employee is entitled to this benefit so long … Continue reading

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Bank Loan Officers Bring Suit for Unpaid Overtime-Claims Should Not Have Been Paid Commission Only

We have blogged before about the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and some of its exemptions.  For years, many banks have been trying to avoid paying overtime to loan officers, paying them on a commissions only basis and … Continue reading

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La Campina Mexican Grill Fined by U.S. Department of Labor

Restaurants continue to be the most flagrant violators of wage and hour laws as evidenced by this most recent action brought by the Department of Labor against two mexican restaurants. Atlas Inc., doing business as two La Campina Mexican Grill … Continue reading

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Hilton Forced to Pay $715,507 in Minimum Wages and Overtime for Call Center Workers

Under Federal and state law, not only are you entitled to be paid minimum wage and overtime, but you are required to be paid for work performed prior to the start of your shift and for hour worked even if … Continue reading

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AT&T Settles Nationwide Age Discrimination Suit Brought by EEOC

Under Federal law and that of most states, it is not permissible for an employer to refuse to hire or make employment decisions based upon the age of an employee.  It is also illegal to pay an employee less because … Continue reading

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MTV Sued For Violations of Sexual Harassment and Overtime Laws on Hills Show

The MTV show the Hills is no stranger to being sexually provocative, but sexual harassment on the set?  Well that is what is alleged in a new lawsuit filed against MTV. Eliza Sproul, a fomer field clearance coordinator and production … Continue reading

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Florida Seeks to End Dwarf Unemployment-Seeks to Repeal Ban on Dwarf Tossing

It’s interesting that in our great State of Florida, where employees have been restricted in their receipt of unemployment benefits and welfare recipients are drug tested that we do look out for at least on class of the downtrodden, the … Continue reading

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