Wage Theft-Restaurant Fined over $500,000 for Unpaid Overtime and Failure to Pay Minimum Wage

Restaurant owners continue to be at the forefront of violating overtime laws.  In previous blog postings we have seen unpaid overtime, making employees work off the clock, improper tip pools, forcing the return of paychecks and now, the failure to pay minimum wage.  If you are employed by a restaurant, make sure that you hold them accountable with state and Federal Laws, under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The former owners of a Kennewick, Washington restaurant are being told to pay $531,000 in back wages and damages to underpaid employees, the U.S. Labor Department said Wednesday.

Guang Ri Weng and Zhen Fang Weng and their company Wok King International Buffet Inc. were sued by the department after an investigation showed they had violated minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping portions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

“Wage and Hour Division investigators found that some Wok King International Buffet employees worked an average of 63 hours a week without proper overtime compensation, and some earned wages as low as $1.93 per hour,” said Donna Hart, director of the division’s Seattle office.

If you believe your employer has engaged in wage theft, call the U.S. Department of Labor or Scott Behren and the Behren Law Firm for a free consultation.

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  • Aaron Alexis

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